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Fashion Rules to Live By

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Fashion Rules to Live By

  1. Don’t wear anything that feels uncomfortable, if it doesn’t feel good you won’t look good.
  2. Do wear what feels good and works with your lifestyle.
  3. Don’t buy it on a whim or just because its a good deal.
  4. Do invest in quality pieces and plan your wardrobe with care.
  5. Don’t wear what your daughter and her friends are wearing it, it’s likely not age appropriate.
  6. Do try a more sophisticated and toned down version of the trends in small doses.
  7. Don’t skip over the Petite department if you are under 5’4”
  8. Do buy Petite when you can as the proportions are cut to fit your frame properly.
  9. Don’t wear leggings as pants “Leggings are not pants!”
  10. Do buy slim cut and straight cut pants that flatter to your figure and give the illusion of longer slimmer legs.
  11. Don’t buy a size that doesn’t fit you now in the hopes it will fit one day if you loose weight.
  12. Do give yourself permission to buy the size you are now, you deserve to look and feel great right now!
  13. Don’t buy it because it’s on trend and is what’s “in”.
  14. Do buy the colours, fabrics and styles that reflect your own style, flatters your body and feels authentic to you.
  15. Don’t buy clothing off the rack (from the store) and wear it as is.
  16. Do tailor your clothes to fit your body perfectly and you will look like a million bucks.
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