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For the Beauty Junkies

Ok Canada, here it is, the launch of Birchbox on Canadian soil.

I’m not the kind of women who spends tons of moolah on beauty products. I’m loyal to the brands and products I like, but open enough to try samples. I have found some of my favourite beauty products by trying samples. The last big hit I discovered was from trying a sample given to me at Barney’s. I was buying a Kiehl’s product when the salesperson slipped me a perfume sample of Ange ou Demon Le Secret from Givenchy. I took one whiff and knew I had found my newest fragrance. Luckily my husband loves it on me too!

When I first came across a Birchbox advertisement on the internet a couple of years ago I click on the link and was intrigued. Birchbox, headquartered in New York, offers a $10 a month, or $110 a year subscription service for beauty samples in the U.S. You simply fill out a personal beauty profile on their site, then every month, a little box of five high-end beauty samples from all different categories, including makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance arrive at your front door. Although it sounded like fun, I couldn’t justify the expense, especially because of the added shipping costs to Canada. Well now that I am wiring a blog that includes beauty, and Birchbox has arrived in Canada for $10/month + shipping and handling of $4.95 CAD, I just couldn’t resist. I’ve signed up for a Canadian subscription, and I look forward to offering you my feedback on the samples I try.

For those who’s interest I’ve peeked, here is the Canadian link to Birchbox so you can see what they are all about,

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