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Check Out this Powerful Video #YouLookDisgusting

I read a couple of  articles this morning regarding the perception of beauty and the psychology of wearing makeup. What I found particularly poignant was an article about beauty vlogger (video blogger) Em Ford, aka My Pale Skin. Although she blogs about make-up and beauty, the fact that our culture and the media perpetuate an impossible ideal of beauty, has not been lost on Ford. She recently began posting photos of her makeup-free face on social media, hoping that exposing her acne would be a confidence-booster to her fans. Sadly, deplorable internet commenters responded with criticism including, “Seriously… has she ever washed her face?” and “Ugly as f*ck.” Ford decided to fight back the haters by making a powerful video #YouLookDisgusting, which has been seen by 7,241,757 YouTube visitors at the time of me writing this entry.  Hopefully Ford’s video will prompt discussion and ultimately perceptions about what it means to be beautiful.

My idea of beauty? As quoted by Diane von Furstenburg “Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That makes beauty”. The most gratifying moments in my career are when a client I’m working with realizes the full potential of their self-image, which ultimately boosts their confidence. Breaking down negative and erroneous self perceptions and body dysmorphia are usually the biggest challenge I have with both male and female clients. The more people embrace and subscribe to Ford’s ultimate message, you are beautiful, the more confident, happier and in turn more beautiful our society can become. Watch the video,

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