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Leather Sample Sale!

  Calling all Cool Kids! If you love urban leather fashion, be sure to head down to the RUDSAK Sample Sale starting today, April 7 until Sunday April 12, at 99 Sudbury St. in Toronto. Sample Sales are an exclusive goldmine for hot fashion deals and some never seen before styles. Founded by Evik Asatoorian in 1994 in his hometown of Montreal, Rudsak embodies the spirit of cool rebel. They design leather products for men and women including outerwear, ready-to-wear, bags, footwear and accessories. Here’s the deets,

Green Dream

I just posted on Instagram a Pantone mood board for the colour Green Flash! One of Pantone’s 10 top colours for 2016. Not usually a green fan, I wore a green plaid uniform in high school, need I say more, but at the moment I’m having a mini love affair with the shamrock shade. What’s inspiring me right now. Pantone’s Fashion Colour Report top ten colours for Spring 2016.    

Fall is flying by!

I’ve been MIA from CdC this past month as business has been insanely busy. Being self-employed, there are ups and downs; sometimes business is too slow and other times I’m running a marathon. It’s definitely been the latter lately. I’ve had a multitude of diverse and overlapping projects since my last entry; producing and styling a shoot for Fashion Magazine on fall makeup trends, outfitting new hosts for a television show and their promo shoot, consulting, shopping and putting together looks for the special election night coverage on CBC, wardrobe styling a commercial, styling a photo shoot for a custom holiday magazine and overseeing the creation of a glamorous one-of-a kind gown for one of my clients! Whew, all the while binge watching 5 seasons of Game of Thrones with my husband, I’m addicted I tell ya, addicted. I almost forgot to mention, I also escaped for one weekend with my hubby and hid out in Old Montreal too. What a gorgeous autumn we’re having, the leaves are falling and Christmas is in the air…. …

How To Transition Your Wardrobe Into Fall

Is it ok to wear white jeans after Labour Day? Hell ya! Even though the weather will be getting cooler soon, you can continue to wear some of your favourite summer items. I’ve put together photos for a little inspiration, for how you can style your summer favourites with items you most likely already own in your wardrobe. The last couple of years, fashionistas have been wearing white jeans year round. How to do that without looking inappropriate or out of season? Let the outfits below inspire you. As a general style rule, light colours look best worn on top with darker colours worn on the bottom. That theory is clearly shot here, as each of these outfits manage to break that rule and look amazing. The key is keeping the outfits neutral. Try wearing your white jeans with a loose blazer and oversized sweater with heels for a polished look, a long sweater and over-the-knee boots on the weekend, or style your white jeans with an oversized sweater, wide brim hat and ankle boot. Wearing a sheer maxi skirt in autumn with cosy separates …

Bohemian Glamour

Barneys editorial photos by Jai Odell The Boho spirit that enamoured the fashion world this summer continues to inspire and strongly influence coming fall fashions. Envision romantic floral chiffon and feminine lace, paired with tweed, shearling and suede for rich textural juxtaposition. You can continue to get lots of millage out of your summer pieces with some accessorizing. Wear your little white dress as we transition to cooler temperatures by throwing on a leather jacket and adding over-the-knee boots. Don a pair of wide-legged trousers with your peasant blouse and add a cape or sleeveless vest, you get the idea. Although my personal style is more edgy New York than hippy L.A., I do have a soft spot for Boho Chic after living in Los Angeles for a few years (visit my Pinterest page ). Inspired by the Chloé pre-fall lookbook on the Barneys New York website, I have culled pieces at various price points so anyone on any budget can easily put together these free spirit looks. SHOP THE LOOK Click on item descriptions to purchase any of these pieces online. All prices are …

5 Fab Wear-to-Work Outfits

These next-level wear-to-work outfits won’t just score you high points with the boss, they’re affordable and fashionable. Every item in this post is under $100.00, available at Zara. The Spanish retailer has added a new category to their collection, Wear to Work. F.Y.I. not all of the looks I’ve put together here are from their new category. I’ve created five fabulous office appropriate looks for fall; borrowed from the boys, the minimalist, loose fit dressing, creatively cool and classically chic. Below each look are the items I suggest you wear with it. All descriptions have click-throughs to Zara’s website. A piece of advice, if you’re able, always try Zara items on in store, as their sizes can be tricky. If you fall in love with an item and don’t see it on the floor, ask a sales associate if they have one in stock. If they don’t have your size in store, order it online. Zara ships super fast (I received my last order in under 24 hours!), and if your order is $50.00 or over, shipping is free, and all …

Your Fall Fashion Guide

I know, I don’t want to admit it either, but fall is fast approaching. The only consolation for me is that fall is my favourite fashion season. I love the rich colours, textures and layers. But with the multitude of trends on offer this coming season, its a bit difficult to navigate fashion right now. Truth be told, it’s as if everything and anything is trending now; Goth, Victorian, Mod, 70’s, 80’s, bohemian, minimalism, lace, fur, suede, capes, military and more! Runway collections are styled over-the-top, conveying a strong statement to catch the attention of photographers and fashion editors. These theatrical looks don’t always translate well for the real world. I’ve combed through the designer collections, breaking them down to the most wearable styles, to compile a comprehensive guide for you. For each trend, I’ve included two runway, and one real-way examples of how to wear it. I have also put together how to get the look, with shoppable click-throughs. All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise listed. 70’s – Suede, leather/pleather, capes, wide legged pants, denim, patchwork. Photos: Jill Stuart /, Karen Walker /, image found …

How to Protect Yourself

Are you protecting the delicate skin on your face by wearing enough sunscreen? Chances are the answer is no. My morning routine of the last several years incorporated a daily facial moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or over, worn under a foundation with built-in SPF as well. Should be enough on any given day right? Wrong! According to dermatologists we should be applying sun protection at least every two hours. How do you do that without feeling sticky, greasy or ruining your makeup? Read on. A few years ago while pregnant, my forehead went a darker pigment than the rest of my face. This condition commonly called pregnancy mask, is melasma gravidarum in medical terms. Post birth, I started noticing dark patches showing up on my cheeks too! Melasma is caused by hormonal changes and sun exposure worsens it. I tried in vain to cover the dark patches with lighter foundation, but it made my complexion chalky, and I didn’t like the feel of wearing so much makeup. I cut bangs to cover my forehead which hid part of my …

Sleek, Stylish & Sculptural

When I’m not looking at Fashion, chances are I’m glancing at interiors or furniture. I love all design! I ogled a stool months ago on a design blog and have been obsessing over it, ever since. A lover of 20th Century Modern Design, I was immediately struck by the simplicity and beautiful lines of the Jo stool. Like many iconic chairs of the 20th Century, the Jo stool was designed not only for its good looks, but to be easy to manufacture. Designed by E & J Design studio in Berlin for Punt, furniture makers in Valencia, the stool has three j-shaped moulded plywood legs, creating a sculptural base, and the seat top completes the minimal stool. The Jo stool, available in 17 amazing lacquered colours, is available from for $391.14 USD. One of these beauties in bright yellow, orange or red, would look amazing anywhere in my house or office. The Jo stool offers a sculptural punch of colour, and an extra seat when needed. Click on this link to purchase –

Tom Ford’s 10 Commandments

Not many online headlines grab me hook, line and sinker. But reading “Mr. Tom Ford shares his style rules” on Net-a-Porter Magazine, had my heart racing and finger clicking, lickety-split. Mr. Tom Ford, mega fashion royalty, is one of my fashion heroes. I know not all of you read the magazine, so I just had to share them with you! There isn’t a share link on the site, so here’s his tips in an abbreviated form, from the article by Kay Baron in Net-a-Porter Magazine, and my comments for fun. 1. Don’t let fashion dictate to you. – I couldn’t agree more. I don’t love or suit everything that’s in fashion at any given time. 2. Never try to be overtly sexy. – My sentiment exactly, that and the word “classy”, nothing tackier! 3. Find your uniform. – I give my clients the same advice. 4. Remember sexiness is about confidence. – So true no matter your size or shape. 5. Reassess your style every five years. – I agree, and hire an image consultant or stylist, namely …

Five Steps to Perfect Brows

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Making the smallest change to your eyebrows can have a major impact on your appearance.  When Image Consulting, I’ve shaped some clients’ eyebrows before I’ve even peeked inside their closet! Eyebrow shapes come in and out of fashion, from pencil thin to the full brow that’s in right now. More important than what’s fashionable, is to figure out what eyebrow shape suits your face and balances your features. The colour of your brows is just as important. What if your eyebrows are too sparse? Read on to find out. This photo shows different eyebrow shapes on the same face, notice the effect different shapes have on the eyes and face. A major defining feature of our face, eyebrows help us to express our emotions. Depending on the shape of one’s eyebrows, they can falsely make a person look angry or surprised all the time, so let’s make sure we get this right, yikes! Studies also show that eyebrows provide important clues to one’s identity. “Eyebrows are very intriguing to me because they …

Check Out this Powerful Video #YouLookDisgusting

I read a couple of  articles this morning regarding the perception of beauty and the psychology of wearing makeup. What I found particularly poignant was an article about beauty vlogger (video blogger) Em Ford, aka My Pale Skin. Although she blogs about make-up and beauty, the fact that our culture and the media perpetuate an impossible ideal of beauty, has not been lost on Ford. She recently began posting photos of her makeup-free face on social media, hoping that exposing her acne would be a confidence-booster to her fans. Sadly, deplorable internet commenters responded with criticism including, “Seriously… has she ever washed her face?” and “Ugly as f*ck.” Ford decided to fight back the haters by making a powerful video #YouLookDisgusting, which has been seen by 7,241,757 YouTube visitors at the time of me writing this entry.  Hopefully Ford’s video will prompt discussion and ultimately perceptions about what it means to be beautiful. My idea of beauty? As quoted by Diane von Furstenburg “Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That makes beauty”. The most gratifying moments in my career are when a client I’m working with realizes the full potential of their self-image, which ultimately boosts …

How to style the LWD Boho Chic

How to style the LWD Boho Chic by crepedechine featuring OPI Banana Republic fit flare dress 87 CAD – Carvela black sandals 285 CAD – Tribal handbag 47 CAD – Topshop lips makeup 7.47 CAD – OPI nail polish 24 CAD –

How to style the Sporty LWD

How to style the Sporty LWD by crepedechine featuring a yves saint laurent lipstick Banana Republic white high neck dress 160 CAD – Yves Saint Laurent zip jacket 3,970 CAD – NIKE white sneaker 135 CAD – Superdry zippered tote bag 63 CAD – 1 Face stainless steel watch 50 CAD – Yves saint laurent lipstick 44 CAD – Jin Soon silver glitter nail polish 22 CAD –

How to Style the LWD for a Casual Boho Look

How to style the LWD by crepedechine featuring bobbi brown cosmetics Burberry outerwear 1,240 CAD – Banana Republic white caftan 110 CAD – Aquazzura wedge sandals 840 CAD – ALDO crossbody handbag 50 CAD – Long necklace Bobbi brown cosmetic 57 CAD –

How to style the LWD for a Casual Weekend Look

How to style the LWD by crepedechine featuring a long sleeve coat Banana Republic boat neck dress 81 CAD – Long sleeve coat 30 CAD – Converse canvas lace up sneaker 86 CAD – DKNY gray canvas tote 120 CAD – Michael Kors watch 410 CAD – ALDO metal sunglasses 15 CAD –


Image: Getty    Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Jamie Chung, Oliva Munn The ubiquitous little white dress, aka LWD, is a fashionable summer staple. Fresh, versatile, available in multiple fabrics, lengths and styles, there’s a LWD out there to suit every women. Depending on the style of dress and how you choose to wear it, the LWD can work for casual daytime or dressier evening occasions. Although the perfect choice for summer parties and events, be sure to leave the wearing of white to the bride at weddings! Most designers and retailers have come out with versions of the little white dress, but I was amazed at the wide variety of flattering styles currently being offered by Banana Republic. So I’ve decided to pick my favourite styles to share with you. I also appreciate that BR offers quality goods at reasonable prices that are readily available online. Here are seven of my favourite Banana Republic white dresses, but if none of these are for you, they have even more styles available in store and online. All photos below: Banana Republic This caftan-inspired linen dress will …

A Saint of a Sale

Photo: AllSaints When AllSaints made their Canadian debut in Yorkdale Mall a couple of years ago, it was a dream come true for me. The British retailer’s wares are completely up my alley; a little bit edgy, directional designs, quality fabrics and construction at a mid-range price point (somewhere between fast fashion & designer). The line is so me, it’s a bit frightening, and I always see some men’s pieces that I want to get my stylish husband. Although the target demographic for AllSaints is the 18-35 year old set, it appeals to women of all ages, and looks great on them too! The AllSaints Mid Season Sale is on, in store and online (free standard shipping in Canada and the US), so I’ve rounded up my favourite sale pieces along with some of their regular priced items, and a few items from other stores, to show you what I would coordinate them with. All prices shown are in Canadian dollars, unless otherwise specified. Click on photos to link to the corresponding websites. THE ROCKER LOOK   THE DRESSY LOOK   THE …

Spring into Colour!

All mood boards by With April here, the shops are finally stocked with an abundant of colourful wares, for spring in a profusion of soothing pastels and happy brights. Now is the perfect time to shop for a few fresh items but with so many beautiful colours to choose from, how do you make sure to pick the ones that best complement your skin tone? First you need to determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone. Do your skin, eyes, and face look better in bright white and black hues, or ivory, off-whites, and brown/tan shades? The former means you’re probably cool-toned, and the latter, warm. Consult the warm/cool colour palettes below for which colours will look best on you. If you don’t have time to shop in the stores, I’ve included 12 effortless spring dresses in a range of styles, colours and prices points available online. Just click on the photos to be linked to the websites.