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Sleek, Stylish & Sculptural

When I’m not looking at Fashion, chances are I’m glancing at interiors or furniture. I love all design! I ogled a stool months ago on a design blog and have been obsessing over it, ever since. A lover of 20th Century Modern Design, I was immediately struck by the simplicity and beautiful lines of the Jo stool. Like many iconic chairs of the 20th Century, the Jo stool was designed not only for its good looks, but to be easy to manufacture. Designed by E & J Design studio in Berlin for Punt, furniture makers in Valencia, the stool has three j-shaped moulded plywood legs, creating a sculptural base, and the seat top completes the minimal stool. The Jo stool, available in 17 amazing lacquered colours, is available from for $391.14 USD. One of these beauties in bright yellow, orange or red, would look amazing anywhere in my house or office. The Jo stool offers a sculptural punch of colour, and an extra seat when needed. Click on this link to purchase –

The Future of Fashion

I’m a big fan of the website and have been an avid reader and subscriber for some time. Today’s post, written by Caroline Williamson, absolutely blew me away, and got me so excited that I have to share it with you. I have seen some amazing clothing in the past couple of years designed and made by a 3D printer. For all of their beauty and intricate design, they have been rigid, sculptural and very armour like; in other words, not wearable. In today’s Design Milk post, I have seen what the future of fashion can look like, and it’s exciting. I’ve always been interested in how technology can advance the properties of clothing design, but that’s a whole other discussion for another post. Nervous System is a studio out of Massachusetts, that combines science, art, and technology to create their designs. Their latest project used Kinematics – their 4D printing system that creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated nylon modules – to make a dress. The system provides a way to turn any three-dimensional …

Wit & Delight for Target

Target has been collaborating with Celebrity Designers for years, their latest foray is with popular Pinners. Designs by Kate Arends of Wit & Delight cater to the artisan food and craft beer crowd offering all kinds of geometric goods for your tabletop. These candles and platters, as well plates, bottle openers, and beer tasting sets. As with all of Target’s limited edition collections, snap up what you like quickly because they will be sold out in no time!  I popped into the store the other day and found a pack of gold and black pencils from the line. These two pencils were in the pack, so I just had to get them for a little extra inspiration.                                                               Link here