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Sleek, Stylish & Sculptural

When I’m not looking at Fashion, chances are I’m glancing at interiors or furniture. I love all design! I ogled a stool months ago on a design blog and have been obsessing over it, ever since. A lover of 20th Century Modern Design, I was immediately struck by the simplicity and beautiful lines of the Jo stool. Like many iconic chairs of the 20th Century, the Jo stool was designed not only for its good looks, but to be easy to manufacture. Designed by E & J Design studio in Berlin for Punt, furniture makers in Valencia, the stool has three j-shaped moulded plywood legs, creating a sculptural base, and the seat top completes the minimal stool. The Jo stool, available in 17 amazing lacquered colours, is available from for $391.14 USD. One of these beauties in bright yellow, orange or red, would look amazing anywhere in my house or office. The Jo stool offers a sculptural punch of colour, and an extra seat when needed. Click on this link to purchase –